The palm of the hand hurts, this is probably the cause

The palm or medical language of the metacarpus is the area on the underside of the hand from the finger to the wrist. A total of 17 of the 34 muscles connecting the fingers are located in the palm of the hand. The muscles are connected to the skeleton of the hand bones through a series of tendons. The skin of the palm is indeed not broad, only 2 percent of the entire body skin. However, if the skin on the palm has a problem, it can interfere with activity. When the palm of your hand hurts, a person can have difficulty holding or touching objects, thus hampering his work. The causes and types of pain in the palms can be distinguished according to the location of the pain, namely whether in the skin, muscles, nerves, or bones. Palm Skin Diseases that can affect the skin of the palm include: Hand eczema Eczema on the hands is inflammation of the skin of the hands that is not contagious. Usually inflammation of the skin associated with hand eczema is accompanied by the formation o
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